Raw Vegan Date Kale Wraps

A little fudgy and some crunchy at the same time…You have to try these healthy raw vegan, sweet yogi snacks 🙂

The first time I made these “Almond butter & Date Burritos” was in Mysore when I spent a month practicing ashtanga at the KPJAYI with Sharath. I was also 6 months pregnant back then and since eating small meals was the only way to go as the baby was getting bigger, I wanted something sweet, vegan and healthy to snack on all the time.


You need:

  • Fresh kale, large and raw
  • Almond butter (home made and sugar free would be the best!)
  • Fresh and soft dates, pitted

Here’s how you make them:

Take a leaf of kale (remember to wash it first) and spread some almond butter in the middle. You can either use the whole kale leaf like I do or slice the stem off from the middle and use each side of the leaf.

Pit the dates if you already haven’t done so and cut them into two or four pieces depending on the size of the dates.

Place the date on one end of the almondy kale leaf.

Wrap and eat. Repeat 🙂



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