This age, right here, right now.

It was seven thirty in the morning when I opened my eyes and saw them. Not one, but two big boxes of…Finnish chocolate! On my pillow! I can’t believe it!

I went all bananas and cried from joy and excitement at the same time. I’ve missed this hazelnutty nougat taste so much! It was my 29th birthday yesterday and Vivian surprised me with my childhood favourite, Fazer Geisha chocolates.

It’s been almost a year since I have had chocolates from back home and lately I have been craving for them a lot. I like the sweets here in India too, but there is nothing in this world like the favourite tastes from your childhood and birth country when you have lived far far away for so long.

The most delicious morning with my favourite peppermint tea from my favourite Moomin cup I took with me when I moved to India. The tea too he had brought from his previous gig trip in Dubai. When I was little, I always loved Snufkin the most of the Moomin characters. Now that I’m all grown up (or…) I think my husband is very much Snufkin-like, he too is a chill, zen-like wanderer, poet and musician.

“I live all over the place” answered Snufkin, and put the coffee pot on the fire. “Today I happen to be here. Tomorrow I will be somewhere else. I wander about as I please. When I find a place I like, I pitch my tent and play my harmonica.” -Snufkin

I haven’t really celebrated my birthdays at all in the past decade and don’t really even like to organise any big parties or gatherings for myself, but I do love surprising others! During the time of Vivian’s birthday this year we were travelling in Nepal and I knew it would be harder to surprise him with a proper caking while over there. That is why I decided to surprise him together with our family friends a month earlier.

So. I just turned 29 and I feel like my life is just beginning. It really wasn’t the chocolate that made me cry from happiness in the morning yesterday, it was all the beautiful things life has given me so far. I get to wake up, not just on my birthday, but every morning with my loving husband and share this life with him. Love is everything!

I’m so grateful to be living this age, right here, right now ❤


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