Lost in the fun of ‘Phila’

The guys came to pick us up early. We left the house around 3 am to reach in good time before the break of day. I thought I would sleep a bit more in the car, but really couldn’t as I was so excited about the whole thing. Even with the script and an abstract idea of what I was supposed to do, I knew there was tons of space for me to let the moment take over.

It was still pitch dark when we finally arrived. I could hear the rhythm of the waves as we walked between the palm trees trying to see where we were stepping with the lights from our mobile phones. Near the shore the sand felt cold under my feet as I removed my shoes. I could barely see anything around me so I looked up. The sky was amazing, stars so big and bright I had to hold on to Vivian not to loose balance trying to catch them all with my eyes.

Are you ready? he asked.

I think I’m gonna fall…a lot, I laughed as I saw Kevin approach with his camera all ready.

Kevin gave me words, questions, feelings to draw movement from. And so we began, I threw myself in and just moved. In no time the slow and delicate shyness turned into a strong and aimless flow and I just got lost in the fun. I fell and fell, laughed it all out and with tons of sand in my hair got up and just continued.

It felt like I was inviting and drawing the morning sun up from the horizon with my designless dancing. Only when I stopped to drink some water I realised there was hundreds of mini-crabs (yaiks!) running around in the sand and a group of fishermen returning from the sea staring at our activities with big question marks on their faces.

After we were done with all the material and while the guys were packing up the cameras and gear, I looked at the wet sand where I had just been rolling and laughing, falling all over the place. It was as I had just travelled back in time to some of my first memories of sand under my feet and the salty waves splashing against my skin.

The music video “Phila’ by Black Letters was released on 21 August 2015 🙂


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