Let the innocent go die! he sang, dancing hand in hand with power, money and corruption.

Anoop, or Pikkoo as we call him, entered the stage wearing a huge white skirt that looked like a giant umbrella tied around his waist. A few days back he had invited us to watch a play he was acting in. I have always been a big fan of theatre and was eager to find out if I could understand the plot or would the humour make me laugh.

Turned out it did. Even though the play was in Malayalam I was enjoying every part due to the clever and expressive acting. It was also my first time at an outdoor amphitheatre which made the experience even more exciting.

The play was called Bridges, Paalangal, a story around the construction and destruction of a bridge. The events around the bridge were symbolising the relationships between people addressing real, serious issues in the form of a musical sketch. The power drunk leaders of the nation sacrifice the bridges for the benefit of their own profit while destroying the happiness and dreams of the common man.

This was Paalangal, by Abhinaya Theatre, Trivandrum 2015.


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