That which digests

Few weeks back while visiting family friends, I had my first taste of cumin water.

After watching me finish the spicy fish curry she had prepared, the mother of the family laughed at my pink face and handed me a glass of water? I asked.
Jeeraka vellam, drink, she smiled.
The first sip left me wondering how come I never had this before. I knew that jeera meant cumin and vellam was the malayalam word for water.

According to Ayurveda, warm cumin water helps to refresh your body by strengthening the digestive system and flushing out toxins. In Sanskrit cumin seeds are known as Jeeraka, deriving from the word Jeerna, digestion. Jeeraka can also be translated as “that which digests”. In Kerala cumin water is a common drink in the households.

The next morning I prepared myself a kettle of cumin water and it has become a daily habit ever since. I love the taste and the simplicity of this drink, not to mention the plentiful health benefits it has.

Here is something that google told me about the jeera water health benefits, I recommend you all to have a taste!


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